Goodbowl sigue trabajando a pesar del Coronavirus

Covid- 19 - Fighting food shortages in Spanish shelters

Dear animal rights activists,
the Covid-19 virus has a massive impact on all of our lives. The whole of Spain and Spanish shelters are severely affected. Some shelters are already reporting food shortages.
Six months ago, 11 Spanish animal shelters* jointly launched the first solidarity dog food called goodbowl in order to secure their long-term survive. The proceeds of the sale go directly to the shelters* and thus to the almost 2,000 dogs and countless cats.
Together with you, goodbowl wants to help itself and the other Spanish shelters. On the website , anyone interested can order dog food and send it to the Spanish shelter, which he would like to support. You only have to enter the address of the shelter as the delivery address.
With your food donation you help twice – your shelter and us. Of course, you can also send your food donation to one of the 11 goodbowl animal shelters.
For maximum transparency, we periodically post the results. Please support the action and share this post.
Thank you very much

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