Why should you choose GoodBowl?

Due to estimations more than 140.000 dogs and cats are abandoned every year in Spain. In this alarming situation private initiatives emerge to help these  unprotected animals in form of associations and foundations that rescue, recover and rehome them.

Therefore the  high index of abandonment in relation with the low rate of adoptions results in an urgent necessity of financing in order to be able to attend all our protegés.

Thanks to the experience made during many years rescuing thousands of animals in order to rehome them we know that their nutrition is  of absolute priority for their recovery and was one of the major deficiencies they suffered in their former life. This is the reason why we decided to develop a quality food  accessible to all animals waiting in Spanish shelters for their  second chance. At the same time our aim was to raise funds for the maintenance of the shelters where they are attended. This way GoodBowl was created, a social company promoting the first brandmark of food produced by and for associations dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned animals.

Our products are of selected quality  offered at the best possible price because our focus is animal welfare, especially for those waiting for a family.


Because 100 % of the benefit is destined to Spanish associations that rescue, care and rehome these animals.

Our objective is to nourish and facilitate the adoption of the major possible number of animals in the next years. A challenge we cannot face without support.

This is why GoodBowl was created, a project to get help for as much animals  as possible and to contribute to financing  the associations of Animal Protection that joined us.

Besides that GoodBowl is a high quality nutrition for all animals waiting in the shelters of Spain. At the same time it is available for thousands of families who adopted and as well any person who has an animal, cares about his health and wants to help animals in need at the same time. Those who have been rescuing animals for years know that each animal saved gives us lessons of overcoming, loyalty and affection. We want to contribute them at least part  of what we received from them as well as to help many of those persons who dedicate their life to Animal Protection to continue their social work. 

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